I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card
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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • Leigh Ljungberg
    Leigh Ljungberg

    bro good content but the time tho be lookin kinda shot tho

  • Asif

    Anyone know Gary’s address? Asking for a friend

  • Lucas Wong
    Lucas Wong

    If you want Logan to shave his beard get this video 400k like

  • Wangchuks Back to vlogging
    Wangchuks Back to vlogging

    Logan .. fuck this where are your videos man..

  • Space Dog MCOC
    Space Dog MCOC

    I’m sorry but Gary is a dumbass. Imagine how many times his kids or wife are like what the hell are you doing just sell the damn card we could be living in splendour right now

  • Jacki Kath
    Jacki Kath

    I’ll buy that card I really mean it I’ll offer you 1mil 🎁

  • Andrew Vishnevskiy
    Andrew Vishnevskiy

    why the fuck would you buy a really shiny Charizard

  • GHosTZ Gaming
    GHosTZ Gaming

    I miss the old logan paul...

  • Declan Higgins
    Declan Higgins

    Wheres ginger the giant?

  • The Jam
    The Jam

    Gary. Ask your son, who just sat on your couch. 100% trust me, he knows *wink wink

  • VexX on hotel WiFi
    VexX on hotel WiFi

    Bro can Logan post again pls like after This vid he’s just gon

  • Memesalot

    Garry is so nice

  • BTW Swoosh
    BTW Swoosh

    It’s worth like 11,000 not 100,000 because it’s the first card invented

  • Markey Wholebrook
    Markey Wholebrook

    Idiot that 100$ charizard

  • white g
    white g

    Mention pawn star Well beside got a porn star

  • Nirveek Phuyal
    Nirveek Phuyal


  • Squiz X
    Squiz X

    Hahah next video.”burning my Pokémon cards”.

  • Diego Uchiha
    Diego Uchiha

    You Logan i have a 1 edicion 1999 Charizar in my colección two bro

  • Fbi

    9:04 northside dawg. N$

  • Fun Gaming
    Fun Gaming

    Yo weres sir the grey

  • Nathaniel Gerdes
    Nathaniel Gerdes

    Buy Magic the Gathering, it's way more valuable card game

  • Azra Canbaz
    Azra Canbaz

    Hello am new here my name is Azra and am turkish

  • Crazy Sailor
    Crazy Sailor

    Lol I am having that Charizard 😂

  • Ayaan Alam
    Ayaan Alam


  • a Stealthy guy
    a Stealthy guy

    in 1999 my friend traded his charizard for a zapdos+polywrath at school lmao


    Gary looks like Mr.beast

  • Budda Budda
    Budda Budda

    Logan you should get yu-go-oh card

    • Budda Budda
      Budda Budda

      Typo cards

  • Seb Step
    Seb Step

    Bought it from Papaplatte? Hahaha

  • Glitched_ Jayden ッ
    Glitched_ Jayden ッ

    You spent £150,000 on a pice of card board with a picture and a bunch on numbers on it.... pfffffffffffffffff

  • Shane Song
    Shane Song

    This man's just brought pokemon cards back to life

  • A JAY Uchiha
    A JAY Uchiha

    Give it 3 years logan gets his money back 10 fold

  • GOD's students Got Talent
    GOD's students Got Talent

    Why is it so expensive?

  • Hihi10s

    A good vid from logan paul. Ok

  • No Signal
    No Signal

    i hope you never sell it dude

  • Daniel Jacob
    Daniel Jacob

    Dude where's medium Logan paul

  • anglais pourtous
    anglais pourtous

    Incredible, this is why the human race is doomed. Sad, disgusting, gluttony.

  • مهند الجرادي
    مهند الجرادي

    I think Coronavirus in vacation

  • Tom J
    Tom J

    I'm selling my collection of Dr Who action figures if anyone is interested.

  • Tom J
    Tom J

    I'm selling my collection of Dr Who action figures if anyone is interested.

  • Tom J
    Tom J

    I'm selling my collection of Dr Who action figures if anyone is interested.

  • Nolan Marlin
    Nolan Marlin

    Lana could not give less of a fawk 😀

  • EvilGameWizard


  • Aka Bucy
    Aka Bucy

    you are an idiot in so many ways! KARMA dude....karma

  • Shem

    lol....he looses it

  • Enrique Delgado
    Enrique Delgado

    Dude Gary sold just 1 of his psa 10s for 150 grand. But he at the same time upped the other psa 10s up by 100 grand each. There 220 grand now. Not to mention his BGS 10s bro they have to be half a million now. Just imagine the value of them within 5 years.

  • Kyle Kelly
    Kyle Kelly

    His whole collection is on eBay for 20 million....

  • Mohamed Redjm
    Mohamed Redjm


    • Fadhel Med
      Fadhel Med


  • Gino Sandoval
    Gino Sandoval

    Amarua is just sitting their like bruh

  • Brody Walkup
    Brody Walkup

    More blogs

  • Johnathan Maldonado
    Johnathan Maldonado


  • Sam Shum
    Sam Shum

    Omg I have that charizard 🤩🤩 sweet

  • Adam Dusting
    Adam Dusting

    Mans really just Jordan Belfort’d my boy Gary

  • Adam Dusting
    Adam Dusting

    Why does he speak exactly like Jordan Belfort

  • Chong Tsz Him
    Chong Tsz Him

    I think you Logan should start singing again

  • --

    nice change of content 😂. Best regards X

  • Jevz Art
    Jevz Art


  • Red Panther
    Red Panther

    His girlfriend is lit bro💥💥 he don't even care 😂😆

  • Matthewmaxime1 Maxime
    Matthewmaxime1 Maxime

    Lhana rhodes behind em

  • Daniel Sauve
    Daniel Sauve

    You suck

  • SupraMace

    imagine opening ur door to see lana rhoades outside lol

  • Damien Lopez
    Damien Lopez

    Logan what happened to evan

  • FriendsByChoice.SistersByChance !!!!!
    FriendsByChoice.SistersByChance !!!!!

    where is logan’s girlfriend??? i hope they didn’t break up



  • zoomie505

    Hold on you know what would be awesome Logan vs swat officer boxing fight

  • Michael Fike
    Michael Fike

    Holy shit am I tripping? I had that same card but I sold it a at a garage sale. It looks exactly like it

  • Mohammed Hijazi
    Mohammed Hijazi

    What about the other generations he has to keep going or is he just done

  • Oscar Cabrera
    Oscar Cabrera

    I dont know if is necesary spend 150k on that shit.

  • Kaidepoodo

    Can you bring the original Merch back like the pink hoodie and the black hoodie with long sleve

  • colton dunn
    colton dunn

    congrats man

  • Ryan Lamb
    Ryan Lamb

    Gary is such a chill and cool person, and so is Logan.

  • yovani cortez
    yovani cortez

    Leve a like

  • yovani cortez
    yovani cortez


  • yovani cortez
    yovani cortez

    Logan looks so different now

  • Othon Castro
    Othon Castro

    Now that's a lot of money

  • The Rando Playhouse
    The Rando Playhouse

    Pov: ur here from Princess Jay

  • Ethan Samuel Sy
    Ethan Samuel Sy

    gary vee

  • BrycebeFreshfr280

    He said no to $130,000 3 times. He could’ve been $390,000 richer not to mention logan’s offer. Over a Pokémon card. That’s troubling

  • Nibba

    This video deserved 100 milions. I can see its not about money but emotions istead

  • Nibba

    You are the reason i ve started to collect them again

  • Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs
    Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs

    Fight josh Bruckner from jatie vlogs (copy and paste so he sees it)

  • Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs
    Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs

    Fight Josh Brueckner from Jatie vlogs

  • Supreeme Sneax
    Supreeme Sneax

    Trade with Isaiah

  • BladeFN

    Is no one wondering about lana Rhodes next to logam

  • Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs
    Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs

    Fight Josh Bruckner from Jatie vlogs

  • Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs
    Londyn and Alyssa Vlogs

    Fight Josh Bruckner from Jatie vlogs

  • Blank Andy
    Blank Andy

    @maxmoefoe he is copying your content

  • NRG Fuzy
    NRG Fuzy

    Lol Lana was falling asleep right when he said yes

  • Dino Dino
    Dino Dino

    I love how the girl is just sitting drinking coffee not even caring about a 150,000 FRICKING POKEMON CAR


      Cuz she worth 25 million dollar

  • ItsRekid 2.0
    ItsRekid 2.0

    Logan please shave your beard please it is so big🙏

  • Jude Ready
    Jude Ready

    Dont mind me. Just wanna see if the bot is gonna respond to me

  • Tristan Manic_King_Dragon64
    Tristan Manic_King_Dragon64


    • Rainen


  • merrick luibel
    merrick luibel

    Hey logan sence you are so good at cards and I have a charzard and i don't know the worth but it's a tiny beet up but it's in good condition and if so how could I contact you to show you it

  • Aaron Espinoza
    Aaron Espinoza

    You have a better beard than KSI

  • Kaleb Eden
    Kaleb Eden

    Logan Paul 2 years ago "I've made a severe and critical lapse in my judgement"

  • Not a comment bot
    Not a comment bot

    I want that card.

  • parker morrow
    parker morrow

    Bring back Gucci face Jacob

  • zoomie505

    Who else traded Pokémon cards at recess

  • cookiepaws tv
    cookiepaws tv


  • eas System
    eas System

    I stop watching Logan I come back and...

  • Klezs

    Why’d you invite a ex porn star to his house she’s so awkward lol

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